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About our Insurance ServicesJoanne Manol formed Accredited Insurance in 1993 after serving as a producer for Prudential Insurance Company. Accredited quickly tripled in size, far exceeding original expectations. As it became obvious that Accredited was well on its way to fulfilling the concept of a complete agency with markets, personnel and expertise to service the broad spectrum of insurance needs for the entire area, it also became obvious that we outgrew our original office.

The move into our new building took place on April 29, 2002, allowing us to streamline our routines and increase our efficiency. We are continually growing and looking forward to surmounting new obstacles, setting new goals, and reaching new challenges in the years ahead.

Our Staff
Joanne ManolJoanne Manol - Licensed Agent - (Direct: Ext. 206)

Joanne graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the State University of New York at Albany. She is licensed to provide all lines of insurance coverage. Her areas of expertise include commercial property, homeowners, life and auto insurance. She is also qualified to provide you with information regarding annuities. Having over 25 years experience in the insurance industry, Joanne oversees the agency operations at Accredited Insurance. Her dedication to the business ensures unsurpassed customer service and allows us to maintain a high level of excellence in our daily operations.
Royd Heath - Licensed Agent

With over 30 years experience as an agent and manager, Royd acts as a consultant to the agency. He provides invaluable insight and advise, assisting with insurance company relations.
Monica LoyolaMonica Loyola - Accounting Manager / Licensed Customer Service Rep. - (Direct: Ext. 238)

Meticulous and detail oriented by nature, Monica maintains accurate records of the agency's financial transactions. Truly dedicated to her work, she never hesitates to put forth the extra time and effort required to overcome the challenges intrinsic to the ever-changing insurance business.
Patricia GregoryPatricia Gregory - Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 208)

Truly a favorite with our clients, Patricia has been working at Accredited Insurance for over 15 years. She handles both personal and commercial lines, providing detailed proposals with personal attention to her accounts.
Sandra DelgadoSandra Delgado - Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 239)

Sandra joined Accredited Insurance in 1996 and has achieved great success as a Customer Service Representative. Her in-depth knowledge of personal lines allows her to provide excellent service, as she makes the application process appear easy and enjoyable.
Brian MejiaBrian Mejia - Licensed Agent - (Direct: Ext. 231)

As an associated family member of Accredited Insurance, Brian has years of experience in the insurance industry. He serves our clientele by providing a complete analysis of their insurance needs and interests, shopping to provide the right protection while saving money for our clients.
Mauricio VillanuevaMauricio Villanueva - Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 225)

Mauricio has gained experience in all aspects of our agency's operation, working closely with the underwriting and accounting departments for several years prior to becoming an agent. His thorough understanding of the insurance business is a great asset to our clients.
Shaliza HarracksinghShaliza Harracksingh - Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 223)

Shaliza's outgoing personality will make you feel at home when visiting Accredited. Her presence allows us to uphold a high standard of decorum and professionalism throughout the agency.
Jeanette GonzalezJeanette Gonzalez - Administrative Assistant / Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 234)

Jeanette has been working for Accredited Insurance for over 5 years, assisting with clerical duties, processing payments,data entry and filing as necessary. Her pleasant attitude and friendly personality are an asset to our company.
Kristina SilvaKristina Silva - Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 215)

Kristina specializes in auto insurance and provides cheerful service to all her clients. She also handles homeowners policies and always checks to make sure all possible discounts are applied.
Rosa AlmaguerRosa Almaguer - Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 235)

Rosa has been employed at Accredited Insurance for over eight years, assisting our clients with both personal and commercial insurance policies . She has the ability to quickly asses any problem and intuitively responds to difficult situations while remaining calm and collected.
Maria Llinas - Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 240)

Both efficient and detail oriented, Maria quickly handles customer service issues and provides accurate quotes.
Miriam GonzalezMiriam Gonzalez - Licensed Customer Service Representative - (Direct: Ext. 250)

Miriam has been employed at Accredited Insurance for over 5 years. She has gained experience and outstanding organizational skills by working in both the underwriting and client data storage departments. Her pleasant personality and attention to details puts our clients at ease and allows her to handle all transactions smoothly and efficiently
Zachary EstradaZachary Estrada - Licensed Agent - (Direct: Ext. 201)

Zach thoroughly reviews insurance benefits, offering innovative solutions to ensure the proper coverage for his clients. He specializes in both homeowners and commercial lines and utilizes his background in the construction industry to provide detailed explanations and alternative options to insurance issues.
Jorge ReynosoJorge Reynoso - Licensed Agent - (Direct: Ext. 236)

Jorge adapts quickly to any situation and has the patience to deal with complex insurance issues. He accurately reviews insurance policies and researches the available markets to provide the best coverage for his clients.
Arturo VillanuevaArturo Villanueva - Personal Lines Agent - (Direct: Ext. 205)

Arturo has experience working as an underwriter at the insurance company level, which provides him with exceptional insight in resolving insurance issues. His educational background in the computer field also allows him to quickly navigate our insurance company websites and provide the most competitive quotes for our clients.
Halima KhanHalima Khan - Licensed Agent - (Direct: Ext. 213)

With over 30 years experience, Halima helps keep our client database accurate and up to date. She utilizes her vast knowledge of the insurance industry to help track and prevent unnecessary cancellations and to ensure that policies are renewed on a timely basis
Robyn Surdel - Director of Marketing - (Direct: Ext. 216)

As Director of Marketing, Robyn assists our agents in meeting their sales goals and helps oversee our marketing strategies to ensure professionalism in all aspects of our agency presence. Her vibrant personality motivates our staff to exceed expectations and elevate their standards, allowing our agency to outperform the competition.
Ahyxza RiveraAhyxza Rivera - Underwriting Manager - (Direct: Ext. 207)

Ahyxza diligently follows up on all underwriting requests, upholding our standards of excellence in customer service. She quickly and efficiently handles insurance company requests, acting as a liaison between our clients and agents.
Mirko Sarduy - Data Storage Specialist - (Direct: Ext. 212)

Extremely organized by nature, Mirko keeps track of all our client files, allowing our agents to quickly respond to clients' requests. He approaches his assignments with great energy and enthusiasm, ensuring our agency records are always up to date
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